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Character Descriptions

February 16, 2012

[[[ Please note the pronunciation of “VEE-tay” and “vih-TAY-ist”. You may audition for as many of the roles as you are interested in. Some Stripes may be double cast, as some are significantly smaller characters than the others. ]]]


TORENE WILLIAMS: The de facto leader of the Protectorate by blood. Mid twenties. Strong personality, regardless of how much she knows she stands to lose. Definite attitude, but not so much so as to cause problems. Clear natural leader. Deep in her heart, she wants to find a way to end this war peacefully – she believes in the inherent goodness of people, and wants to drag that out of the Protectorate. This is more often kept to herself, as most of the others disagree with her. Mid-to-low range female voice.


“You knew my father, John. Tell me. Would he have stood idly by and let X walk all over him?”

“Don’t you dare lie to me, you black-cloaked bitch! Tell me where he’s hiding!”

“It’s not fair. If you don’t agree, you should be able to leave. I don’t understand why anyone would agree to that.”

JOHN SKINNER: The eldest member left of the Protectorate, at his mid forties. Worked with Jordan as Torene grew up, and was his right-hand man. While he’d have every right to, he doesn’t ever resent not being the leader after Jordan died. Believes that the Syndicate are all power-hungry bastards with no redeeming qualities. A bit gruff and abrupt, but very protective of his team and with a heart of gold. Mid-to-low male voice (flexible).


“Dammit, Torene – don’t act like I’ve never had to make a tough decision before.”

“You give me her back or I swear by whatever’s left that’s still holy in this world, I will tear down this house with my bare hands!”

“I understand. I don’t like it, and I sure as hell don’t agree with it. But I understand now.”

CODY MATHIS: The youngest member of the Protectorate. Just shy of sixteen. Absolute firecracker, energetic teenage boy. All bark and little bite, but he’s a scrappy sort so he’ll hold his own in a fight. Doesn’t have an organized opinion about who the Syndicate are – simply that they’re the enemy for right now, and he’s fighting against them. One of the few members of the Protectorate that is a vitaeist, focused predominantly in ice working. Higher male voice.


“Well come on! What are we waiting for? Stripes ain’t gonna beat themselves up for us!”

“I…I never thought…but you’re… I don’t understand. You’re not that different from me.”

“Torene, get out! It’s not safe anymore – you haven’t seen what he can do!”

OLIVIA POOLE: Early-to-mid twenties, military type female – but you’d never guess it to look at her. Looks like the typical pretty girl, but holds her own better than most of the boys around. Lost several family members to the Syndicate, and thus has a specific vendetta against X and the Stripes. Sharp attitude, no-nonsense, almost sullen. High female voice.


“If you want some, come and get some. But don’t expect to come back unscathed.”

“Oh, you’re really cute. Bet you get all the girls with that one, don’t you?”

“So you’re the one that murdered my little sister. Good – I was hoping I’d get to spit in your face before I blew it off.”

CAMERON MEYERS: Early twenties, and the other vitaeist in the crew. His powers lend to electric working, and rather than Cody, he’s less in favor of the idea. But since he’s given the powers, he fights against the Syndicate because of the way they rule – the way that X views vitaeists and their position in society doesn’t mesh with his own. Relatively quiet, and while he doesn’t agree with the Syndicate, he is conflicted enough to wonder about their initial motives. Mid-to-high male voice.


“Don’t ask me that question. It’s not as easy of an answer as you’d think.”

“It’s not a matter of right or wrong, vitaeist or human – it’s a matter of free or dead, and you know it!”

“Are you kidding me?! Have you seen the blade he has? I’m not going in there!”


X: The mysterious figure that leads the Stripes and serves as right-hand man to Dietrich. Presents a very suave, collected, confident face to the world – to the point of arrogance and just shy of beyond. He is a very powerful man, and knows it – and thus shows absolutely no fear. Intimidating, dangerously smooth and sly. However, there is a Jekyll and Hyde aspect to his persona. Actor will need to demonstrate exceptional ability with both sides of the voice. High-to-mid male voice.

Lines: (1 indicates calm, 2 indicates insane)

1: “Of course – Williams. I remember the name. It’s not every day you meet someone with such a call to vitae as your father. Shame he wouldn’t have agreed.”

1: “You are treading a very, very dangerous line right now. Watch your words. I won’t do it for you.”

2: “Do not say her name! Go ahead, ask me one more time – see where your head lands afterward!”

2: “A life without vitae? Do you have any concept of who I am – what I am? There is no life beyond vitae for me. After all…they are the same word.”

KRISTOPH DIETRICH: Figurehead of the Syndicate. Generally a business man, and despite his work with vitae, is not a vitaeist himself. Claims that all of his intentions are good, but it’s incredibly difficult to tell given his penchant to cut any corners he can, and using the ends to justify the means. Seems perfectly content to be a figurehead to X’s power. Low male voice.


“It’s a…complicated situation. But for now, let’s just say that if you have any questions about it, you should ask X.”

“From what the doctor has told me, it’s not a matter of choosing the vitae strain…it will choose you.”

“How did you get into the building?! You should have never gotten past him!”

DR. XAVIER KERES: [Character is already cast] Vitae specialist scientist that acts as X’s right-hand man. Gives off a rather greasy, slippery vibe. Rumours tell of experiments he’s run, testing theories that go beyond human rights and decency. He is one of the few public figures that seems to know X well at all. Unrelenting, dry, on the edge of humorless. High male voice.


ONE: Oldest of the Stripes. Vitae abilities lend to Earth manipulation, and getting the upper hand in a draw. Calm personality, natural leader type. The type of person that can lead a group without trying. Faction leader in North America. Mid-to-low male voice.


“If any of us know him, yes. I know X the best. And that means I’ll tell you as little about him as I can.”

“Stripes – find your formation. We know where they’ll be. …I can feel it.”

“He’s forgotten that it’s more than just earthquakes and fissures. I’m connected to all of it; they didn’t call her Mother Earth for nothing.”

TWO: Feisty Irish-style character. Vitae abilities affect the mood of the opponent, and give him the ability to change the appearance of himself and things around him. Quick on his feet, and quicker in the mind. Faction leader in Europe. Mid-to-high male voice.


“C’mon, c’mon – don’t act like you’ve never seen a house before. Just ignore the fountain and you’ll be fine.”

“I like two – it’s a good round number. One for either hand. Don’t know how Eleven and Twelve handle. I’ve never been any good at multi-tasking.”

“Parlor tricks? Sweetheart, I can do things with these hands that’ll make you wish I was a magician.”

THREE: Casanova character. Smooth talker, very flirty and playful. Vitae abilities allow him to breathe underwater and manipulate water. Despite his playful and easy-going mentality, is one of the most skilled fighters on the team. Faction leader in South America, also watches Antarctica. Mid-to-high male voice.


“Well, well, well. What do we have here? A little lost Protectorate member all by herself. Don’t they teach you the buddy system back there?”

“Oh sure, it’s all fine and dandy for most things. But have you ever tried to get invited to a pool party when you inherently summon ice? It’s hard.”

“I’m sorry. Just…part of the job description, you know? I wish it didn’t have to end like this.”

FOUR: Classic boy next door with a bad attitude. Vitae abilities give him the ability to erect invisible barriers, blocking both physical and vitae attacks, and the ability to make them attack back when they are hit. Sullen, foul-tempered, quick to anger. Faction leader in Europe. Mid male voice. No dialect.


“I don’t care who you are or what you’re fighting for. I have my orders, and you’re in my way.”

“No, I don’t think being a vitaeist makes me better than you. I just think you’re an idiot.”

“You have no idea why I’m here. Don’t you dare think you know.”

FIVE: Soft-spoken and dangerous. Vitae abilities give him manipulation of lightning and electricity, and the ability to strike multiple targets with one attack. Focused and analytical, but generally not quick to anger. Faction leader in Asia. Mid-to-high male voice.


“You know, the human body is an excellent conduit for electricity. As is, of course, the metal plate you’re standing on.”

“X…is no more and no less than what he tells us he is. And it changes on a daily basis.”

“I never asked. I…I never thought I needed to. I’m not really sure I should now, either.”

SIX: The brute force of the Syndicate. Vitae abilities give him an extra oomph to his punch (more likely to knock his opponent unconscious), and also the ability to act as a healer. Only speaks when absolutely necessary. Stoic, cold, vicious. Not the type you’d want to meet in a dark alley. Faction leader in Africa. Low male voice. No dialect.


“Don’t even try. You’ll fail.”

“I wouldn’t ask that if I were you.”

“I don’t need a name. I have a number. And you ask too many questions.”

SEVEN: Laid back with an edge. Vitae abilities give him the ability to revive fallen comrades, and to do such to himself as a last-burst attack if knocked out himself. (This is time-restricted to essentially once a battle.) One of the few that fights with a weapon as well – an electric vitae-fueled whip/lasso. Just a half-bubble off center, in a happy-manic way. Faction leader in Australia. Mid-to-high male voice.


“Just a bit further…just a bit further…yes. There. Now you see? This is a much better angle to attack at.”

“Three! Two! Please for the love of Steve, get them away from me I never asked for this!”

“Oh, that’s just how he deals with things. All’s fine and well until the stars are out of alignment, and then poof! One less Stripe. You get used to it.”

EIGHT: One of two female Stripes. Vitae abilities give her telekinesis/manipulation of gravity, and the ability to attack twice as quickly as the others. Very much “one of the boys” military-type female. Strong personality – not a woman to be walked over. Faction leader in Africa. Mid-to-low female voice.


“Hey, you mess with me, you mess with him too. And messing with me is enough of a problem.”

“I told him, and now I’ll tell you. I make one kind of sandwich, and only one. And it’s served with a side of blood, if you didn’t catch my drift before.”

“I found him here. Why would I leave? It’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be.”

NINE: Temperamental pistol of a young man. Vitae abilities allow him to lure in targets subconsciously and to create and attack with concentrated bursts of pure vitae. One of the most erratic members of the team, but still a talented fighter. Gives off just the trace of reluctance. Faction leader in North America. Mid male voice.


“I didn’t ask to be here. But I never told him no. That’s the trouble.”

“Don’t you talk like you know us! Like you know where we came from! You don’t know ANYTHING!”

“The vitae comes to me…and I send it to you. What it does then is up to it.”

TEN: Soft-spoken intellectual. Vitae abilities allow him to manipulate time, and to get in a sneak attack more easily than most. Hyper-focused, fights with a set of kama. Intense personality without being aggressive. Faction leader in Australia. Mid-to-high male voice.


“I know what I’d do if I weren’t here. The difference is, I know I’m not getting there.”

“They never expect it. You’d think by now they would have learned to watch the quiet ones.”

“I’ll tell you what I can – though it isn’t much. But if he knows you know…he’ll never tell you more.”

ELEVEN: The other female member of the Stripes. Vitae abilities allow her to seal off others’ vitae, and to act as a pickpocket as well. Bubbly personality, outgoing, effervescent. Not the type one might expect as a fighter – which would be a mistake. Faction leader in Australia. High female voice.


“Like, don’t underestimate me because I’m a girl. Pink is a kickbutt color.”

“It’s not enough to look like I’m not a threat. If I act like it too, the punch sucks twice as much.”

“I gave up everything to save my cousin. And I’ll do it all again if you force me to.”

TWELVE: Basic boy-next-door. Vitae abilities allow for manipulation of fire and wind. Personable, friendly, easy-going. Faction leader in South America. Mid male voice.


“Easy? Oh, hell no. Fun? Sometimes. But it’s been so much more than any of us expected.”

“I…no, I definitely wouldn’t do that if I were you. So many kinds of shouldn’t even think about doing that.”

“Move your arm, or I break it. One sucks a hell of a lot less.”


SOLO: Project with death vitae. Tallest of the black cloaks. Very raspy female voice.


“Death vitae. Ironic, isn’t it?”

“I will never be her again.”

DUO: Project with poison vitae. Shortest of the cloaks. Does not speak. High, young female voice.


“I’m sorry, I know it’s a little…well, weird, I guess.”

“I wish you could see the way I do. You’d understand then.”

TRIO: Spokesperson for the Triad. Vitae abilities allow for the manipulation of vitae itself, but exclusively free vitae, not innate or given. Strong, sure personality. Unshakable. Mid-to-high female voice.


“He gave me everything. I’ll never walk away from him.”

“You…it’s you! I thought I was finally free of you!”

“Trust us or not, we’re the only way you’ll ever win this war. We both know it…right?”


KIERAN JUDE CARVER: Late teenage boy, this side of skittish. Innate vitae ability to act as a siphon, drawing vitae from other people. Comes to the Protectorate after having lived on his own for some time. Little is known of him. Very smart, eager to please, but exceptionally skilled with his ability. Mid-to-high young male voice.


“My…my name’s Kieran. And you shouldn’t touch me. That’s all I really remember.”

“Well maybe if you got down off your high horse for a few minutes, you’d listen.”

“I can kill you. You don’t believe me, but I know it, just from looking at you.”

BETHANY VANCE: Former member of the Stripes. Sassy, take-no-nonsense attitude. Vitae abilities allow for manipulation of wind and lightning. Was a faction leader in North America. Mid female voice.


“Love, you’re being silly. And I’ll use that word until you believe that I’m right.”

“I had to – don’t you understand? And like it or not, you’ll never find him…so go ahead and kill me.”

“One day he’ll understand. I know he will. It’s just a matter of time.”

All characters have further background that will be given to the actors upon casting. Dialect is open for actor inclination unless otherwise noted. (If otherwise noted, inquire first. Exceptions can be made.)


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